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Young Female Artist


All members of the COMPANY FORTY4 team are treated with respect and they are all recognised as experts within their field. Our open-door policy allows everyone to express their creative opinions freely as we work together as a team.


We are extremely proud of the level of care, professionalism and precision our team puts into every product produced at our factories. We believe it is important workers are being paid fair wages as well as provided with necessary healthcare and safety conditions. 


Our factories are all audited and examined by the relevant organisations to ensure that we meet all the standards which are requested by the European Union and global trade organisations. 


We ensure that ethical and sustainable practices are implemented at our facilities.


The factory is checked regularly and renovated in order to meet the latest standards and ensure that we reduce the environmental impacts caused by the apparel production.



We are passionate about only using certified, audited and ethical suppliers of fabrics and raw materials.


Environmental responsibility is a core consideration of our company, we are proud of our use of organic and sustainable textiles. We also maintain our high environmental standards in our dyeing methods, and packaging to help conserve water, reduce waste and energy, promoting a cleaner, greener process.

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