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About Us

COMPANY FORTY4 is a sustainable manufacturing and sourcing company with it's factory based in Turkey and showrooms both in Istanbul and Munich.

We ensures that all staff are fully aware of Sustainability Policy and are committed to implementing and improving it.
In this perspective, we put sustainability at the core of our business. We integrated a holistic approach to keep up with the sustainability innovations and the updated practices of the textile industry. 



COMPANY FORTY4 specialise in a vast array of categories, our area of expertise can be recognised in departments including denim, non-denim ready-to-wear, lingerie, leisure, athleisure and sportswear wear.


With exceptional research and development, COMPANY FORTY4 provides full support throughout the entire duration of the design and manufacturing process.


With a dedicated team of professionals, including an in-house design team and product development specialists; we ensure we are providing an exceptional service. 

Sustainable manufacturing

Transparency and Ethical Production


Price Competitive

Fast & flexible production

Short lead time & Fabric stock possibility

Our product quality returns as customer satisfaction


We share a common future with our customers. The right technology, the right materials, and the right designs: We decide on all these aspects of our business together with the customers throughout a joyful trip.

We owe our corporate success to planning the right work by the right people, implementing plans attentively, and managing the work processes masterfully. We always think strategically, see issues as an opportunity to improve products or processes and try our best to benefit all our stakeholders.

Our Values


Pushing the boundaries of innovation and creativity through the use of the latest technology and detailed research of upcoming trends for inspiration, always looking to expand the confines of fashion.



To create a strong partnership with our clients by extending our efforts and providing a fully factored service. 

From trend research to the development and manufacturing of the final product we are committed to both the customer and the design process.

Forward Thinking


Delivering high-quality products that are ethically produced with a desire for beautiful design, providing an exciting and versatile display of the latest trends.




Standing by ethically sourced product, maintaining a safe production environment for workers as well as responsible manufacturing conditions as working welfare is as important as the product itself.

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