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# WayToAMoreRe-sponsibleFuture 



We owe to the world we live in.


As a company, we always innovate to discover ways of valuing the world the most.

We want to impact our planet with our latest sustainable collections.

We  use sustainable, Eco-friendly materials to show our respect and RE-sponsibility to our planet.

Company Forty4 ensures that all staff are fully aware of our Sustainability Policy and are committed to implementing and improving it. We try to integrate sustainability considerations into all our business decisions.


We are part of the Higg Index and SEDEX.  We use organic (OCS) and recyled (RCS) production and Eco-friendly materials such as BCI Organic Cotton, recyled cotton along with our sustainable wash tecniques to show our respect and RE-sponsibility to our planet

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Choose the conscious style

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